Frames that capture the transformation from the everyday life into another reality. Images that explore how the future will look. Colombian photographer Juan Pablo Castro presents a proposal that comes from the contemporary, but goes beyond what would be expected.

His background as an industrial designer has made him interested in the little things in life that make a difference. With a fascination for color and shape, Castro translates his personal experiences into images that present characters, situations and stories, combining elements from the daily life under his distinctive perception,with a particular twist that makes each frame a piece of art.

Industrial, eccentric, forward looking, Castro’s vision is a combination of different influences that are translated into deconstructed images.  Castro has surrounded himself with art, inspiration and creative sources that have enriched his work and the way he perceives the world around him.

Juan Pablo Castro creates images to express, not to impress.

Clients and Consulting

Hogart Worldwide
Mont Blanc
Ligne Roset
Coltorti Boutique
Lea Black
JW Cooper
Jewelry J Urtubey
Linea Roma
Ralph Pucci International
Studio Roda
One Sotheby’s International Realty
Garcia de Vinuesa
Architect Marc-Michaels
Nu house
Sieber International
Georgio Ferrara
Jerusalem Stone Architecture
The Democractic Party
YPO Miami Art Institute
RDLB Agency
Diario Las Americas
Piola Pizzeria
Don’t Call Me Dolores But Call Me
Lolitas Restaurant
Crazy About
You Restaurant
Giochi di Pizza


Institute Magazine
This Bitch Magazine
Not Just a Label
Elléments Magazine
Baszari Magazine
Influencer Mexico
HUF Magazine
Estela Magazine
Lewis Magazine
Amen Fashion Book
Neverland Magazine
La Damme Magazine
Chicago Tribune
The Telegraph
Abc News
Nbc Chicago
Basic Magazine
The Forest Magazine
Eroticco Magazine
Modern Luxury Magazine
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The Model Magazine
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